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Tortilla & Corn Chip Moisture and Oil

tortilla and corn chips

Tortilla and corn chips are the most popular corn-based products consumed  worldwide and are available in a diverse variety of types and flavors.   Tortilla and corn chips are both cooked in fryers where hot cooking oil removes moisture in the chips. But tortilla chips are baked before they are fried, so they absorb less oil, and […]

Oilseed Processing


Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR) is a widely accepted tool for quality control in the oilseed processing industry. Typical oilseeds include soybeans, rapeseed (canola), corn, sunflower, sesame and grape seeds.  Depending on the specific seed type, NIR can be used to optimize the extraction and monitor the production of the end products. Globally, the most common […]



The early 20th century was a time of extensive research to better understand—and better control—the properties of flours used to produce quality breads. In 1920, Marcel Chopin contributed to this effort and filed a patent describing the Extensometer (French patent no. 525.986). The Extensometer simulates the expansion of a cell in dough, which it reproduces by expanding a previously prepared dough […]

Feed Ingredient Production


In the agricultural product community, very high standards of quality control are set globally for the production of feed products.   Compound feed and other feed products are produced to very tight specifications based on proximate analysis values.  Precise and consistent compound feed production requires accurate and timely nutritional information of the ingredients used.  In addition […]

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