We, INTERLAB Joint Stock Company is a company that provides analytical equipment and solutions based on science and experience. We are not only able to provide equipment for Scientific industries, but we provide the best analytical solution for customer, also guaranteed the product quality and reliable after sales service.

All of the equipment that we supply is of high quality and we also provide the extensive after sales warranty, service and application support to our customer on the regular and consistent basis.

INTERLAB provides analytical solutions for the following industries: food, agriculture, pharmaceutical, energy and the environment

Our product range includes:
• NIR Analyzer, NIR-Online, Microbiology, Analytical Instruments, Environmental Analysis Equipment, Color & haze testing etc.
• Wheat, Flour and grain, cereals testing instrument.
• All basic analyzers: Moisture, protein, fat, oil, lactose, sugar, fiber, ash, starch, amino acid, hardness, particle size, thickness, color, solubility, disintegration, crusher, homogenizer, heat.
• RO water purifier, water purifier types 1, 2, 3


Customer satisfaction which is our basic principle of our success. Customer is the focus of everything we do.